Mental Health Awareness Week

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This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme for this year is anxiety.
Anxiety is a natural emotion that we all feel in our lifetime when we respond to stress or perceived danger, but this can lead to a mental health problem when it becomes out of control. The idea of this week is to increase awareness and understanding of anxiety, and what we can do to help ourselves and each other when anxiety becomes a problem.  There are many different types of anxiety, more information on these can be found here: 

Here at Ashcourt, we understand that students often experience additional pressures during their time of study which can make university seem very daunting, as you may be in a new area surrounded by new people and away from your friends and family. 

Some great coping mechanisms for anxiety include regular exercise, quality sleep, connecting with family and friends, focused breathing, keeping a diary, challenging your thoughts, eating a healthy diet, and most importantly seeking support and help. Speak to your GP about the support available or contact a helpline service.

Anxiety UK is an organisation that offers a helpline service - 03444 775774 or text 07537 416905. They also offer fast access to a range of therapy services with appointments available in person, online and by telephone. They provide a discounted membership for students in full time education and living independently, and also student-specific online support groups and relaxation sessions throughout May. 
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