Exam Season is Approaching!

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For some university students we are approaching exam season, so here are some tips to help you through this busy period and to do your best!

-	Manage your time: plan where you will be allocating your time in the lead up to your exams to stay organised and focused.
-	Organise your material: make it easy for yourself to find the information you need to revise by keeping your notes organised and in folders.
-	Get plenty of sleep: Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep in the nights leading up to your exams to ensure you are well rested.
-	Eat a nutritious diet: it may be hard to find the time to cook at the moment, but eating junk food can have an impact on your energy levels and focus. Try to opt for good meals that have a slow release of energy, not tonnes of sugar! This also involves drinking plenty of water.
-	Make a study group: sometimes working together as a group can help you to stay motivated and focused. 
-	Take breaks: make sure you rest your mind and get fresh air, taking a walk can help clear your head before getting stuck back in. 5 to 10 minutes break is advised every hour.
-	Stay positive: keeping a positive attitude can go a long way in performing your best!

Exams are a nervous and anxious time for all students, and it is completely normal to feel this way. Try not to compare yourself to others and manage your stress in a way that works for you.

Good luck to everyone taking exams in the coming weeks!
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